The off-season begins

The season is over. Looking back it would be hard to say it wasn’t successful. More dual meet wins than the previous year. More than twice as many kids advanced to regional. Three times as many kids advanced to state (Nick Klemm, Austin Wilt and Isaiah Espinoza). And the first state placer since Ryon Barker took second six years ago (Nick Klemm 7th). Not to mention all of this with the only senior on the squad out with an injury.

There is excitement among the wrestlers about what could be next year. The off-season is now upon us. There is talk of going to many camps. There is talk of lifting hard. There is talk of taking advantage of open mat possibilities. There is talk of getting new people to wrestle so the team fills every weight class and has some depth. There is a lot of talk. When or if the talk turns to commitment is when the coaches will get excited. The coaches know these things are out of their hands and it must be every individual wrestler who takes the reigns.

Teams have been here before: a crossroads of sort where one path is difficult and the other easy. One path leads to greatness, the other to obscurity. One path the risks are great, the other is safe. Time will tell which path the team takes.   

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